Blog 3 : Are you new to Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team?

Author - Neelima Mohanty
06/07/2023 | 6:00 PM

Hello everyone, I am here again with the 3rd Blog of my journey as an Outreachy intern. For those who don't know me , I am Neelima Mohanty , selected as an Outreachy intern at Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOTOSM) for the May to August Cohort. If you are new to my blog then make sure you read my Blog 1 and Blog 2 before going through this blog post.

Recently a person named Berra Karaman messaged me on LinkedIn that she is interested in applying as an Outreachy intern and wished to know more about my application and journey .

On reading her message , I thought that not only she , many other applicants also must be wondering about applying to Outreachy and some may also be thinking to apply to work at the organisation I am working at as an Outreachy intern. So , I decided to introduce my community to a newcomer who decides to apply in HOT(Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team) as an intern in the upcoming Outreachy cohorts.

Here are some important perks of being an Outreachy intern at HOT

• Skill Enhancement

This is a place where your skills are not only appreciated but also allowed to implement them at a fixed paced , not too slow and not too fast. My mentors never compel me to hurriedly complete a task . Of course deadlines are set and we together try our best to complete the tasks in an efficient manner before the deadline but if it gets completed partially then we again conduct a meeting , discuss the agenda and make changes accordingly to the schedule in order to complete the work .

• All about Open Source

Other than working on the project , I get to learn a lot new things related to open source and the community . For instance , my mentor Rob Savoye shared his experience of attending the SOTM-US-2023 and Petya Kangalova shared every single details of the open source conference FOSS4G which she recently attended . They give me tips regarding these conferences and the open source community.

• No Gender Discrimination

Once my mentor Petya said that HOT gives equal importance to both male and female workers and that the number of women working here is no less than the number of male employees. I myself have met and heard three such great people who play a pivotal role in the organisation's development . They are Synne Marion Olsen , Ramya Ragupathy and my mentor Petya Kangalova. As a female intern myself I can give you a thumbs up for the way women are treated here.

So if you are a newcomer and your skills match the requirements of the next project that HOT comes up in the upcoming Outreachy cohorts , then I suggest you to surely give it a try . I would also like to thank my mentors Rob Savoye and Petya Kangalova again for being with me and assisting me at every step of my journey as an intern . That's it friends , meet you next time with Blog 3. Till then bye 😊

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