Blog 4 : Do you have a career opportunity for me?

Author - Neelima Mohanty
12/07/2023 | 6:00 PM

Hello everyone, I am here again with the 4th Blog of my journey as an Outreachy intern. For those who don't know me , I am Neelima Mohanty , selected as an Outreachy intern at Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOTOSM) for the May to August Cohort. If you are new to my blog then make sure you read my previous Outreachy Blogs before going through this blog post.

This blog post will help you to know me better and offer me job or internship opportunity according to my skills after I complete my Outreachy internship.

My skills and experience

Being a Computer Science and Engineering Student , I have learned a list of technical skills and am still learning more. As I believe that learning without implementation is worthless thus I have had experience of each skill that I have learned in the form of internships in various organisations. I welcome everyone here to have a look into my Resume to know about my experiences and skills in detail.

Opportunities I am looking for

I am looking for developer roles as well as technical writer roles . I will be interested to work and assist on job or internship related to any of the following domains : web development , app development , AI/ML , Cloud Computing or technical writing. I am eager to contribute my skills and assist in any capacity within these areas.

What makes me Unique for your organisation?

Below are some of my interpersonal skills which I consider as my strengths for an job/internship opportunity:

• Team leadership and Team spirit

I already have the experience of being a team leader to a team during few internships and projects . So I respect the concept of teamwork and collaboration.

• Communication

I consider communication is a cornerstone of a successful job environment. It enhances teamwork, information sharing, relationship-building, performance management, and leadership effectiveness. Strong communication skills contribute to a positive work culture, increased productivity, and successful outcomes in the workplace.

• Problem solving skills

I also have problem-solving skills that are highly valuable in a job environment as they enable individuals to identify, analyze, and find effective solutions to various challenges and obstacles.

Other important points

Below are my preferences regarding a job/internship opportunity:

Availability to Start : I am available to work just after the Outreachy May to August - 2023 internship .

Work location : I would prefer remote job/internship more over on-location job/internship as of now.

Employment Type : Although both full time and part-time work are fine for me but as currently I am a student so I will prefer part-time job/internship.

Languages I speak : From childhood till now my top prioritised language has been English as I have studied in English medium school and University . I am fluent in both speaking ang writing in English . Other than that I also know my National language Hindi.

So if you think my skills match the requirements of the job/internship at your community or organisation please let me know and offer it to me if I am eligible . I would also like to thank my mentors Rob Savoye and Petya Kangalova again for being with me and assisting me at every step of my journey as an intern . That's it friends , meet you next time with Blog 5. Till then bye 😊

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