Blog 6 : It's a Wrap-up

Author - Neelima Mohanty
23/08/2023 | 6:00 PM

Hello everyone, I am here again with the last Blog of my journey as an Outreachy intern. For those who don't know me , I am Neelima Mohanty , selected as an Outreachy intern at Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOTOSM) for the May to August Cohort. If you are new to my blog then make sure you read my previous Outreachy Blogs before going through this blog post.

Just 3 months ago I received an email at my inbox from the Outreachy organizers according to which I got selected as an intern at Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team for the May to August 2023 cohort . And look today my internship is going to end in just two days . So I planned to take you all into a rollercoaster ride of my internship journey .

In the first month I was welcomed by my mentors Rob Savoye and Petya Kangalova where Petya introduced me about the HOT Community . Next I was assigned with many github issues from the projects FMTM and osm-fieldwork by my mentor Rob . I still remember Rob saying me " Don't get overwhelmed by seeing the number of issues assigned . Just pick one and start working now and you don't have to complete all . Take your time and complete only as much as you can comfortably" . These words were so relaxing for me .

Throughout the months of June and July , I and my mentors worked together . I created PRs and they reviewed it , left comments . I worked on them and finally they merged them . One great thing that I always liked and appreciate is that Petya and Rob always respond quickly to my messages and Rob reviews my PRs in seconds in the most perfect way . I also worked with other members of HOT like Kshitij and Omran for another HOT project called fAIr.

In the last month of my internship Petya and Rob offered me an opportunity to be a co-speaker at the Lightning Talk for the FMTM project at Code for All Summit which I accepted and completed . It will be released on 20th September 2023 on Code for All You tube channel and social media handles. Do watch it .

Yesterday Outreachy organizers had organized a Wrap up chat with all the May to August 2023 cohort interns and mentors where we gave appreciations to our mentors and the organizers gave us a happy farewell.
As now the internship has come to an end , I am invited to attend the Wrap-up Social Event Virtual Meet by Outreachy on 24th August 2023. And my internship ends on 25th August 2023.
My mentors have also scheduled a Wrap-up meet for me on 29th August 2023 in which personally I and mentors will talk about my Outreachy journey and also future opportunities. I am very excited for both the upcoming events.

I thank Outreachy and HOT tech team for giving me such a wonderful opportunity. Finally a huge shoutout to my mentors Rob Savoye and Petya Kangalova for being with me and assisting me at every step of my journey as an intern . That's it friends , my Outreachy internship journey ends here. Bye 😊

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